Investment Strategy

The support we offer to existing operating businesses and start up / VC companies includes:

  • Capital to support the growth and value enhancement of the business
  • Optimising the capital structure of the business
  • Identifying key value and growth opportunities and supporting in their execution
  • Leveraging our network of international and industry sector contacts to identify and execute sales opportunities
  • Professionalise management and work practices
  • Support management in any other way and provide effective assistance

We do not concentrate on specific sectors. We invest in businesses in a variety of sectors that meet our criteria of excellent managers driving excellent businesses.

In addition to providing expansion capital, we are also willing to support traditional buy-outs (LBOs, MBOs, MBIs), lead public to private transactions, and assist with family wealth planning where successful entrepreneurs wish to dispose (or partially dispose) of a business in order to diversify assets. We look particularly favourably on investment opportunities in which management and/or promoters have a meaningful amount of their own funds invested in the business.

We always back people with out of the box ideas that can positively and significantly impact global business.